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Landscape & Architectural

Architecture is a prominent feature of Calgary. Calgary attracts students and visitors from around the world to its beautiful buildings. You can see how strategically placed lighting changes everything! An attractive landscape can highlight architectural features, or create a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere in the suburbs. Even if you live in the heart of Calgary or the suburbs, the evening lighting makes a huge difference. We can help you with any lighting needs you might have, whether you want to make your lawn look great long after the sun has set or you need it for safety purposes. A leading provider of architectural and landscape lighting services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, CELS of Calgary provides lighting solutions for businesses and homes.

Modern LED architectural and landscape

Modern LED architectural and landscape lighting offers the following benefits:

CELS of Calgary provides Lighting Solutions for Businesses and Homes

We provide reliable, energy-efficient, and beautiful lighting fixtures to hundreds of homes each day. Since we listen to our customers and exceed their expectations, we are the go-to choice for both residential customers and professional customers.

Upgrades to Existing Lighting

If you already have lighting on your property, don’t worry – we can still help. In addition, our experts can help you upgrade your current lighting system to LED lights, which will save you money and make your home look brighter.

Lighting Maintenance

After our services are done, our team continues to support you.

Free In-Person Consultation

No hassle, no obligation – a lighting professional will come directly to your home and learn about your specific lighting needs, and then help you create a customized lighting plan that works for you and your budget.

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Contact our CELS’s Calgary team when you’re ready. As a leading provider of architectural and landscape lighting services in Calgary, we’re confident we can find a system that will meet your needs, your design requirements, and your budget!