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Commercial Properties

As one of Calgary’s premier LED lighting solutions and maintenance companies since 2017, CELS offers energy-efficient lighting solutions that reduce overhead costs and energy usage. Our company provides lighting maintenance and lighting solutions for commercial, retail, and industrial spaces throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. 

Any setting can be made more magical with outdoor lighting. From brass to copper to handcrafted products, we offer a vast selection of fixtures and hardware. You can also find the latest lighting technology and add-ons here. Whether you need energy-efficient LED bulbs or an app you can use to control the color, intensity, and schedule of your light display, we have all the latest gadgets you need.

Venues and industries:

We provide commercial outdoor lighting for the following venues and industries:

  • Nightclubs, outdoor amphitheaters, and wedding chapels
  • A venue for special events and an outdoor site for large ceremonies, such as a racetrack or a state fair
  • The terraces and balconies of high-end restaurants, boutique cafes, and pubs
  • Places for Bed & Breakfast in hotel courtyards
  • Business parks, shopping malls, and arcades
  • Pathway lighting
  • Convention centers, parks, and museums


CELS LED lighting solutions provides the most energy efficient lighting and control for commercial buildings,
For commercial landscape lighting no matter what industry or sector you’re in, we’ll provide outstanding service from start to finish. We offer our customers top-notch knowledge, creativity, and reliability through our team of industry-leading designers and skilled technicians.


In addition to providing complete interior and exterior lighting solutions, CELS Lighting reduces energy and maintenance costs while improving lighting quality.

Light up your business with energy-efficient LED lighting!

The incandescent, HID, and CFL technologies have all made substantial improvements over the past few decades. Nonetheless, these lighting options are rapidly being displaced by the increasingly efficient and cost-effective options of LED, induction, and high-efficiency fluorescence.

Monitoring and Quality control

As soon as your commercial lighting display is completed, our team returns at night to make sure everything is working as it should. If there are any problems, we take care of them immediately.
CELS Commercial LED lighting solution Calgary is unmatched in the outdoor lighting industry with so many incentives, trustworthy policies, and state-of-the-art offerings. Give us a CALL TODAY.

Why Choose CELS?

Providing reliable service

With four years of parts and labor warranty, we believe we provide premium electrical services

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

We offer Quality Products

We are committed to safety. We buy quality materials from trustworthy suppliers.