LED lighting solutions for Calgary business

LED lighting solutions for Calgary business – How are they different, and what are the advantages?

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are not the same as conventional lights like CFLs or incandescent lights. LED light bulbs generate white light. While they are as small as a speck of pepper, LED lighting solutions are extremely energy-efficient because they radiate unidirectional light without the support of diffusers or reflectors. 

The advantages and differences of LED lights in Calgary vis-a-vis conventional lights

  1. Durability 

LED-wall lights for businesses in Calgary are powered by an amazing technology that makes them highly durable. The average lifespan of LEDs is between fifty thousand operating hours and one million hours. Thus, these lights on the walls will surely work consistently for at least ten times more than any other conventional light. 

  1. Energy efficient

One of the best reasons to go in for LED strip lights at home or office in Calgary is that this helps save your energy bills. The power consumed by the LEDs is very low. In most cases, it has been seen that the installation of different LED lighting solutions helps save at least 90% of the power. 

  1. Higher output

It can be very well understood with an example of outdoor LED floodlights. Let’s compare LED floodlights and the conventional Halogen or HID floodlights. The main purpose of floodlights is to flood the place with light which is why these are mostly used in places like stadiums, parking areas, shipyards, construction sites, highways, etc. The LED floodlights bulbs, as we know, emit white light at a broad angle. The lumen per watt is way higher in the case of LED flood light compared to the others. It makes them more cost-effective.

  1. Safety

Heat is a common cause of accidents or mishaps with conventional lighting. But, in the case of LEDs like LED linear in Calgary, there is minimal or almost zero emission of heat energy. Conventional lights like incandescent use almost 90% of their energy for heat emission. Thus, LED-installed areas are much safer, be it your residence or office.

  1. Small size

The LED technology makes use of small-sized LEDs.  Thus LEDs can be used in innumerable applications across diverse fields. For example, you will see LED traffic lights, LED floodlights, circuit board lighting, contemporary mood lighting, high-bay LED lights in commercial applications, and more.

  1. 180-degree emission 

LEDs emit light in a straight line in 180-degree space. All other conventional lights emit in 360-degree space, that is, around the source. Hence, many add-on accessories are used to redirect the light in conventional lights resulting in losses.

  1. Higher Color Rendering Index

LEDs have a higher CRI that measures the ability of the light source to display the actual color of the object vis-a-vis natural light. In most cases, higher CRI means better performance. It means that LEDs in outdoor security lights help to get better clarity as compared to conventional lights.


There are many other advantages of LED lighting solutions. Whether you are considering 12-volt LED lights for your office space in Calgary or LED floodlights for the outer premise,  ensure that you consult with sellers dealing in optimized quality LED solutions.

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